Position: Dish / Pot Washer

Dish / Pot Washer Reports To:
Chef and Sous Chef
Summary of Position:
A Dish / Pot Washer is a person selected for his/her cleaning abilities and organizational skills.
A Dish / Pot possesses the ability to maintain a clean and organized dish station during service. He/She is responsible for supplying the line and prep kitchen with clean and sanitized utensils and service staff with clean and sanitized china, glassware, and silverware. He/she should also contribute creative input toward team development.
Each Dish / Pot washer is responsible for their area, and is equal in status, to every member of our kitchen team. He/she works in close cooperation with the Chef and every kitchen employee.
The Dish / Pot washer is responsible for the items they clean and store, and must be very careful when dealing with fragile items such as glass and china. When taking out the trash the Dish / Pot waster must always be aware that there might be broken glass in the trash, and use safety measures when dumping trash.
A Dish / Pot washer is responsible for the cleanliness of the kitchen including all trashcans, floors, and spills in the kitchen
Dish / Pot washers are expected to follow the health and sanitation guidelines set by the state of Alabama.
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